Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Basketball Wives Season Finale Uses the Wrong Glass! Ugh!

Basketball Wives Miami
For the most part whenever I've watched Basketball Wives, they are often seen drinking wine, at a trendy Wine bar like Wine Depot in Miami or indulging in a tasting.  I relish the fact that camera angles are riddled with with shots of fine stem and stem-less vessels that will engage even the novice. 

However on the finale, I was really shocked to watch Ev pop champagne only to place the bubbly in an all purpose wine glass.  Good Night Nurse!  She might as well have used a dixie cup!   I get the novice who doesn't distinguish a difference or reason for the appropriate glass.  However, these ladies have traveled the world, are always shown drinking wine and try to portray fabulosity in a number of different areas; only to use a dollar store, less than fabulous glass for champagne and a celebratory drink at that. 

all purpose wine glass

I am a reformed wine snob, true enough but some things in life and in wine must remain sacred.  Using the appropriate glass is one of those sacred cows.   Glasses are an important factor in tasting and enjoying the wine.  I am not a fan of all purpose because the rims are thick(usually too thick), the glass is heavy and hides the flavor of what I'm drinking.  Now truth be told, I'd take this glass over a plastic cup or a rock glass but only because I am in a situation with no choice.

Basketball Wives, however, have choices.  Maybe if the women focus on using the right glass they won't be so quick to throw them. 

The Basketball Wives of Los Angeles are up next.  Maybe they will have to show the Miami Wives how it is done!  Though somehow I doubt it! 


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